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Medical Technologist
By KEN MOSIER For What2Be Who am I? Name: Carrie Livesay Title: Medical Technologist, Pathology Lab Affiliation: Kettering Medical Center Education: Associate degree, Kettering College of Medical Arts Bachelor’s degree, University of Cincinnati Quote: “I spend a lot of time at the microscope — which is my favorite thing to do,” she said. What’s2Like: ►Something new every day ►Decent [...]

Radiologic Sciences & Imaging
By KEN MOSIER For What2Be Who am I? Name: Larry Beneke Title: Program Director, Radiologic Sciences & Imaging Affiliation: Kettering College of Medical Arts Education: Bachelor’s Degree, Biology, Heidelberg College, Ohio Associate Degree, Radiology, Fullerton Community College, California Master’s Degree, Education, University of Dayton Quote: “If [...]

Occupational Therapy
By KEN MOSIER For What2Be Who am I? Name: Kara Waitzman Title: Occupational Therapist Affiliation: Miami Valley Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Education: Bachelor’s degree, Eastern Kentucky University Multiple advanced certifications and ratings Quote: “I decided I really liked it (in neonatal intensive care) so I worked my full-time job on Rehab and then came [...]

Nuclear Medicine Technologist
By KEN MOSIER For What2Be Who am I? Name: Chris Capparelli Title: Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Chief of Nuclear Medicine Affiliation: Upper Valley Medical Center Education: Bachelor’s degree, University of Findlay. Quote: “It’s a very rewarding field and you get to help a lot of people and the technology is wonderful,” he said. What’s2Like: ►Challenging work ►Cutting-edge technology ►Helping people ►No two days are alike What’s Not [...]

Paramedic, Flight Nurse
By KEN MOSIER For What2Be Who am I? Name: Angi ‘Goose’ Gooslin Title: RN/EMT-P, Flight Nurse Affiliation: Miami Valley Hospital CareFlight Education: Bachelor’s degree, Morehead State University Paramedic certification, Clark State Community College Multiple [...]

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Dental Hygienist
Dietetic Technician
Family Nurse Practitioner
Infection Control Nurse
Medical Assistant
Medical Technologist
MS Certified Genetic Counselor

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